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Starting in 2014, millions of migrants passed through Greece, coming from Turkey and heading to other parts of Europe. A couple years later, much of Europe closed its doors and tens of thousands of displaced peoples remain in Greece. Meanwhile, Greek unemployment is alarmingly high. Amongst the unemployed are a variety of talented artists whom we hope to employ. We've been offering free portraits to displaced peoples in the migrant and refugee communities and aim to employ local artists to continue the mission.


The capitol of Greece, Athens is home to thousands of migrants fleeing conflict zones from Africa to Asia.


A beautiful island just a few kilometers off the Turkish coast, Samos has become an entry point to Europe for migrants and refugees. Most of the migrants here live in and around the Vesely Refugee Camp awaiting refugee status and assignment to other parts of Europe.


A cultural hub of Greece, Thessaloniki has always been at the confluence of different cultures. Currently there are thousands of migrants and refugees living in Thessaloniki and dozens of aid organizations assisting. We visited a few of these organizations.

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